Our Mission:

To increase food security by building multimedia and cross-disciplinary learning tools for growers, consumers and distributors who wish to nurture more ecologically and financially sustainable food systems.

Our Work:

We develop online educational tools that can give audiences a free and multidisciplinary food education. By creating and funding video blogs, articles, podcasts, slideshows, and printable instructional pdfs, we strive to cover a wide array of relevant subjects so that everyone--regardless of location, income, or experience--has access to a free education, and the autonomy that comes with it!

In addition to content development, The Dirt Society also aggregates quality materials and free training opportunities as a way to augment our available modules.

Importantly, The Dirt Society has elected to embrace an agroecological method of food growing and processing; certain that the most sustainable way to advance a business or farm operation is to work with the surrounding ecosystems, and not in competition with them.

Our Founder:

Jenn Arleen, Volunteer Director, attended Kansas State University's College of Agriculture and University of Ghana, Legon. Jenn graduated with a B.S. in Animal Sciences and Industries, Pre-Veterinary Medicine, and with a minor certificate in International Agriculture from the Agricultural Economics program at KSU. Jenn founded The Dirt Society in 2014, and currently manages SisterLand Farms, LLC; a woman-owned permaculture farm in Port Angeles, WA. Jenn previously worked at both Clagett Farm--an organic vegetable and grass-fed beef operation in Upper Marlboro, MD--and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. Jenn hosts both The Dirt Society Podcast and our video blog, The Dirt.

You're in the Society too!

The way we see it, you're already a part of The Dirt Society. So long as you grow, buy or eat, you're contributing to a global food economy. How you contribute (for better or worse) is up to you.

The best way you can support our mission and create positive change in the growing food market is to follow a simple, three-step process: Learn, Fund, Act.

A Letter from the Founder:

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Dear Dirt Society (Yes, that includes you.)

Originally the Database for Integrated Resources and Training, The Dirt Society is, in its most elemental truth, an attempt to end hunger in the most sustainable way.

I've built this organization on a few basic principles. First; that an education goes further than a quick-fix. Second; that anyone alive deserves a quality education, particularly when that education concerns the health of humanity and of the earth. Finally; that the most constructive way of sharing knowledge is to do so without the desire to capitalize upon it.

Too often has the problem of hunger and malnutrition been temporarily alleviated or used to veil other endeavors. Too often have populations been compartmentalized and marginalized in an attempt to administer aid. Too often do those of us with access to myriad resources and educational opportunities give to the less fortunate the fruits of our industry--but not the gift of industrial equality. As a concerned world citizen, I saw a broken system. I sought out the most efficient way to level the international playing field and develop more sustainable practices.

I knew that any viable solution must be long lasting. Rather than sending short-term aid to those in dire need, the focus should be to educate every person alive so that the likelihood of experiencing need is lessened.

With that long-term goal in mind, The Dirt Society will strive to operate fairly and without allegiance to any entity that does not operate in the same way. Only by focusing on the real problems and real solutions can we create a bridge between the two. We, as a planet, have no time to deal with political agendas or ulterior motives. Neither do I.

Furthermore, this organization will reach out to all; regardless of age, race, sex, status, health, or nationality. So long as humans need healthy food and a healthy environment, Dirt will work to reach every possible audience. We will provide the same up-to-date, relevant educational resources to every participant without hesitation.

The Dirt Society will not "hand out" products made in a developed, thriving and competitive industry. We want, instead, to learn from each participant and merge our various skillsets until everyone alive is able to develop and advance without damaging shared natural resources. Only then will the global economy be fair, and each member of the international community equipped with the tools they need to eat, stay healthy, and sustain the ecosystems in which they live.

Here's to a healthier future,

Jenn Garvin, Volunteer Director