Whether you're new to The DIRT Society or new to growing food, this is the place to start. In these module clusters, we've covered some of the basics; information that anyone could benefit from and use in their garden or farm operation.

Just for Parents Cluster

As a parent, you may want to take a different approach to gardening. Here are some modules that will help you get kids involved in safe, fun ways.

Gardening with Children

Managing Lead

Rural Farm Scavenger Hunt

Urban Farm Scavenger Hunt

Garden Science Cluster

If you enjoy learning about fundamental concepts and science; try this cluster. It breaks down the three essential components of plant growth: Soil, water and light.

Introduction to Soil Science

The Basics of Garden Water Supply

Plants and Light

Start Small Cluster

If you're ready to start your own garden but don't know where to begin, try this cluster. These modules will give you the basic information you need to grow one, two or a few food crops of your own, no matter how little space you may have.

The Basics of Starting Seeds

Container Gardening Basics

Kitchen Herb Microgardening