A Letter from the Director
March, 2014

Dear DIRT Society (Yes, that includes you.)

The Database for Integrated Resources and Training is, in its most elemental truth, an attempt to end hunger in the most sustainable way.

I've built this organization on a few basic principles. First; that an education is worth far more than a handout. Second; that anyone alive deserves a quality education, particularly when that education concerns the health of humanity and of the earth. Finally; that the most constructive way of sharing knowledge is to do so without the desire to capitalize upon it.

Too often has the problem of hunger and malnutrition been temporarily alleviated or used to veil other endeavors. Too often have populations been compartmentalized and marginalized in an attempt to administer aid. Too often do those of us with access to myriad resources and educational opportunities give to the less fortunate the fruits of our industry… but not the gift of industrial equality. As a concerned world citizen, I saw a broken system. I sought out the most efficient way to level the international playing field and develop more sustainable practices.

I knew that any viable solution must be long lasting. Rather than sending short-term aid to those in dire need, the focus should be to educate every man and woman alive so that the likelihood of experiencing need is lessened.

With that long-term goal in mind, The DIRT Society will strive to operate fairly and without allegiance to any entity that does not operate in the same way. Only by focusing on the real problems and real solutions can we create a bridge between the two. We, as a planet, have no time to deal with political agendas or ulterior motives. Neither do I.

Furthermore, this organization will reach out to all; regardless of age, race, sex, status, health, or nationality. So long as humans need healthy food and a healthy environment, DIRT will work to reach every possible audience. We will provide the same up-to-date, relevant educational resources to every participant without hesitation.

The DIRT Society will give an education that lasts a lifetime. I was fortunate to be born in a cultural setting that encouraged advanced education, provided rewards for scholarship, and presented endless opportunities for mental growth and technical development. DIRT aims to give every person the same good fortune, because it is universally deserved.

The DIRT Society will not "hand out" products made in a developed, thriving and competitive industry. We want, instead, to learn from each participant and merge our various skillsets until everyone alive is able to develop and advance without damaging shared natural resources. Only then will the global economy be fair, and each member of the international community equipped with the tools they need to eat, stay healthy, and sustain the ecosystems in which they live.

How will we do this?

Tier One; Build the Database

Our first, and most challenging, step is to collect and make available all of the most relevant materials and information. DIRT must not only assemble easy-to-understand learning programs, but must do so for every climate, location and food culture. The magnitude of information needed to succeed is staggering, and we can't possibly digest it all without the help of people who share our eagerness, optimism, and determination to eliminate hunger.

Tier Two; Share

The second step is critical. We must translate our store of information into as many languages as possible. DIRT will begin by translating lessons from English into the most commonly spoken languages, and then continue translating until any interested party can easily access the same, exact resources. To do this will require foreign language experts and volunteers. As our understanding and experience grows, so will our need for any who can help make the information accessible.

Tier Three; Work the Field

In time, we will begin our own research in eco-agriculture, urban agriculture, biology and sustainability. This will likely include building test gardens and small farms, projection modeling, wildlife population evaluation, and biological surveys. The DIRT Society's goal in developing its own research projects is simple; we want to improve upon our store of knowledge and, in doing so, shape a safer, more efficient future.

Tier Four; Cultivate Accessibility

The DIRT Society is aware that only a fraction of our target audience is equipped with a computer, dependable energy and internet, and the training needed to profit from online course materials. Because of this gap in resources, we will aim to explore new avenues to accessibility. This could mean expanding the rural energy grid in a sustainable way, developing printed materials, or assembling educational tools and kits for those without access to our online hub.

Tier Five; Find, Recruit and Deploy Local Experts

In its final phase, The DIRT Society will begin operating on a global level. This will be the "Society" in its highest form; a community of experts who share a mission and vary by region, experience, and outlook. Seminars, trainings, roundtables, and joint research would all serve to unite the organization; ensuring that progress is not only made, but is made collaboratively.

The DIRT Society's work has just begun. If we are going to accomplish the task at hand, we will need your input, your cooperation, your involvement and your contribution. As an organization that prioritizes accessibility and openness, we encourage you to contact us with any questions, comments or concerns.

Here's to a brighter future,

Jennifer A. Garvin, Founder and Director